World-Check Risk Intelligence

KYC, AML, CFT and PEP Due Diligence

Highly Structured Intelligence Profiles of Heightened Risk Individuals & Entities

Thomson Reuters World-Check is an essential service, created to support our clients’ due diligence needs in the fight against crime, bribery, and corruption. World-Check appreciates the data protection and privacy implications of providing this database and has robust data protection processes in place.

Since its inception, World-Check has remained focused on providing high quality risk intelligence that serves the Know Your Customer (KYC) and third party risk management of highly regulated industries. For organizations concerned with business relationship risk and financial crime compliance, World-Check helps powers a variety of identity verification, AML/CFT/PEP screening and KYC due diligence processes.


Global Research

Research hubs in all global regions with research analysts speaking over 60 local languages ensure the best quality intelligence.

Helps Regulator Demands

Enables compliance with regulatory demands for KYC, AML, CFT and PEP due diligence and offers auditable proof of due diligence.

Up-to-date Intelligence

Research conducted 24/7 by hundreds of analysts result in more than 20,000 new profiles and 40,000 updated profiles per month. Process is subject to quality control processes and is audited regularly.

Opt-In Content Sets

Thomson Reuters offers opt-in, extension independent content sets that fall within the broader remit of KYC risk intelligence for your convenience.

Save Time & Money

We increase name matching accuracy and reduce remediation time to support a simplified and accelerated customer due diligence process. In many cases, false positives have been reduced from 30% to 15%.


Information is streamlined to enable or facilitate smart decision making, reduce the remediation burden and accelerate the pace of business.

Anyone who wishes to query whether they are in the database may do so in accordance with the World-Check Privacy Statement.

About Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions bring together trusted regulatory, customer and pricing data, intuitive software and expert insight and services – an unrivaled combination in the industry that empowers professionals and enterprises to confidently anticipate and act on risks – and make smarter decisions that accelerate business performance.